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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Photos! I've Got Photos!

Thank goodness I posted the much prettier photo Shelia had on her giveaway post at Seasons of Thy Heart than my attempts at photography; otherwise, y'all wouldn't be able to appreciate how very beautiful it is. (Though no picture could do it justice). Anyway, here are a couple photos of some of the gorgeous goodies Sheila sent:

I think they're blurry because I had to hold my arms higher and my shoulder just hasn't been the same since my injury. I'm sure there must be something in the camera manual to help stabilize...just gotta find it.

Anyhoo, here are pictures of our snow. The first one is my chicken-less chicken coop. (Hopefully when the warm weather arrives again, I can get chickens). It's all recycled material. The bulk of the building is an old outhouse!

My back porch...what back porch...lol!

Note how I "primmed" up the side of the house with the chipping paint. Haha! Yeah, it's all on purpose - lol! Actually, we can get some major hail storms, so paint doesn't stay on the houses all that nicely. (You should see the sidewalks)!

My outhouse and an outbuilding. (Most of the houses here have a working outhouse in the backyard). I haven't used mine yet!

Another angle of my chicken-less chicken coop made out of an outhouse.

Here's one of my foot prints. I guess I should say leg print because the snow came up over my knee when walking around taking these pictures.

My dearest puppy Tessa, who is now sleeping on my lap. After all, posing for pictures and barking at mommy standing outside taking pictures makes a puppy very tired!

I guess technically she's not really a puppy anymore, since she's 13 months old. And here's our 12 year old "puppy" Sage. He was a rescue dog from the mean streets of Detroit. (We think he was used as a bait dog for the pitbull fighters). We've had him since 2001. He knows he's very loved, but sometimes he gets very skittish. I'm sure it's due to a lot of horrible things that happened to him before we got him.


  1. Well, those were lovely pictures.. I would love to have chickens and can't wait to see yours.. Have a great Christmas,,Loved all your winnings.
    Maggey & Jim

  2. Oh my, those are such sweet gifts!I'll bet you were thrilled:)
    I love your snowy yard with all the old outbuildings..I know you are way up north from me, but it just reminds me so much of the area I live and I love it!
    And then your sweet Puppy's Tessa and Sage...They are as cute as can be.
    I have a Tessa as well.. she is part lab/german shepard mix and is our Queen.
    I want to thank you for saying the nicest things about my work.. you really made my evening!
    Wishing you and yours a Wonderful Christmas!


  3. What lovely pictures ! Your goodies were just primtastic ! And wow now thats SNOW ! Love all your chicken-less coop pics....I soooo would love to get some chicks myself....Ohhhh and cannot forget your fur baby pics....Tessa and Sage are just doggone (no pun intended hehehe) caaauuuttteee ! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.....
    Prim Huggs n Blessins