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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moving to WordPress


I'm moving to WordPress. I'm so thoroughly disgusted with the constant "oopsies" that Blogger is doing. If it wants to self-destruct, fine...but I'm not going along for the ride.

I'll probably be combining my new WP blog with All Thumbs Crafts and perhaps even Lazy Chef Recipes, but I'm not sure about that yet.

I'll be writing about the transfer and how it's all going, too.

Hope to see you at Screaming Sardine! <<<< - There's the link. Click to go to my new blog!

If you're serious about blogging and hope to make money off of it by either selling your wares or through affiliate and ad revenues, then I highly suggest you get thee to WP asap. All of the clients I write SEO for only have WP blogs on their own domains. (Not the freebie WP, where you don't have nearly as much flexibility). Additionally, as I started networking with power bloggers, all of them have WP or are going to WP.

I've had a long standing relationship with the following company, and I chose them to purchase my domain (always have, always will cuz they offer private registration so no one can see your real name and address. Yes, your address is online for all to see if you have your own domain and don't have it privately registered). I chose them for hosting my WP cuz they're cheaper than any others I've seen, have a great (and deserved) reputation, and have basically a one click set up of your WP blog.


  1. I have not had any problems with Blogger at all but I have been thinking for some time about WP as I would like to sell from my own site...eventually, but I can't seem to get on with it:( I have tried honestly I have

  2. Yeah, I would like to move to WP as well. I have been messing with it for a while now and I'm so lost with it. I think I have to purchase the book they have out in order to grasp it better.
    Look for you on WP.

  3. I'll be following you to WP, I am sure blogger has lost many blogs with all of their issues lately. The irritating part for me is their no response or even acknowledging there is problems! I am thinking about it, but I am sooo not computer literate. I think you are doing the right thing!


  4. Interesting comments and something to think about!

  5. Wow, people have really poured their hearts out over Casey Anthony. It was so interesting to hear from you, someone in the BIZ that you can get experts to be puppets...Now, that is eye opening!!

    PS: I don't think you have moved to word press yet, I will wait for you to tell us. If you have already moved, let me know.

  6. Is there anyway you can link your reply to your new blog? Or at least put the link on this blog? When I click Screaming Sardines in your comment it brings me here. I have your other blog in blog reader though


  7. Yikes! Should we really move to WP? I know we should. Shoot! I'm just figuring out this Blogger thingy. I'll be looking forward to your move and see how the transition goes for you.