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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scentsy Mystery Hostess Party

As I've mentioned a couple times previously, I'm having a Scentsy Mystery Hostess Party!

If you don't know about Scentsy, please check out my Independent Consultant website. There, you'll see all kinds of beautiful wickless candle warmers, plug in warmers, amazing scents, and more!

I'm really impressed with the products...totally! I make my own soy tarts, but geez, they don't have the amazing scent throw that Scentsy has! (And I pride myself on good scent throw)! The warmers are beautiful, with something for every decor. As I showed a couple posts ago, there's even a plug in warmer for prim decor!

Rustic Star Full Size Scentsy Warmer

How about Americana?
Liberty Full Size Scentsy Warmer

Or Victorian?
Victoria Full Size Scentsy Warmer

Pretty, huh!?! The warmers are actual decor items instead of just tart warmers. :)

As you'll see when you click on my Independent Consultant Scentsy website, if you scroll down a bit on the left side, you'll see "My Open Parties." Underneath that is the name of the party - "Mystery Hostess" - as well as the date. To look around and/or purchase from the party, simply click on "Buy from party" link.

For everyone who purchases from the Mystery Hostess Party, you'll get a chance to end up being the "mystery hostess," but without having a bunch of people coming into your home and having to entertain them. So what's so great about being the "mystery hostess," you may be wondering? Well, as the hostess, you can earn free or half-price Scentsy Products!

Everyone who purchases from this party will have one chance to be the "mystery hostess." If you order $75 or more, you get two chances. If you refer a friend and s/he places an order, you get two more chances. (You will have to email me and tell me the first and last name of your friend, so I know to give you those two extra chances). If you sign up to be an independent consultant under me, you get three chances.

The party will be open until June 8th. Once I close it, I'll tally up everyone's chances, throw your names into a bowl, and then choose the winner, i.e., mystery hostess. I'll then be contacting you to choose your half-price and/or free Scentsy products.

By the way, you don't have to post a comment. I'll go by who orders and/or if you sign up to be an independent consultant. You will have to email me if you refer a friend. :)


  1. I've never heard of this company before. They have some nice things...especially the warmers. Wish I could "test smell" through the computer!! Good luck! ~Kriss~

  2. The candle warmers look real nice and I"ve never herd of this company either.