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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Weekend

I've been super busy lately, but it's all been good. :) This weekend I did some freelance (i.e., paid) writing work, which frees me up for the rest of the week. Of course, if more paid writing work comes my way, I'll take it!!

Still sump pumping my basement, which is getting to be a drag. It was finally drying out, but then we've had rain all weekend. Blech.

Learned to knit on Thursday and have been spending as much time knitting as I can. I absolutely adore it! Wish I could spend a lot more time knitting. LOVE IT!!

Made some more soap this weekend to send to my 200th follower - Home in New England - as a surprise. Well, it's not a surprise anymore since I emailed and asked for her address - lol. Wish I could tell what the scent is, but suffice it to say, my home smells delightful. :) I'm enjoying soap making again, though I do want to start experimenting with different looks. Sent some soaps to Sheila at Seasons of Thy Heart in Pear Berry and Tangerine scents. They were sample scents, and I'm definitely going to be ordering a bigger bottle. Loved them. Also sent her some of my prim eggs as well as a little bunny wall hanging. I guess I should add that this was before Easter - lol!

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  1. Hi Tracy! Nice to hear that you found a little time in your busy life to use your creative talents. I knit a square one time...nuf said. Take care, Tracy! Hugs, Vicki