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Monday, May 23, 2011

Scentsy Warmer and Fragrance Spotlight #2

Here's another Scentsy warmer and fragrance spotlight, only this time it's a plug in warmer. Stay tuned for the Mystery Hostess online Scentsy party that I'll be holding later this week. You could end up being the Mystery Hostess (chosen by random number) and get the rewards that hostesses get!

Perfect for the prim / rustic decor is this Scentsy plug in warmer. It also comes as a full sized warmer.

And how about this for a fragrance - Clove and Cinnamon? Or perhaps some luscious Vanilla Cream, which is a blend of French Vanilla with a hint of coconut milk. Mmmmmm ~

Note: I'm an independent home consultant for Scentsy.

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