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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gratitude, Part 2

Well, my newfound contentment and attitude of gratitude got a test yesterday. It was just one of those days where a bunch of annoying little things piled up. Kind of like that saying of death by a thousand papercuts - lol!

It all started with discovering that the inbred's Rottweiler got into my trash and spread it all over my front porch and part of my front yard. I could tell it was the inbred's dog due to the paw prints and the fact that the lid to the garbage can was torn off. No cat could do that. The sturdy hinge that kept it from being opened to easily by cats was torn off and the lid was all bent. Then to be treated to the inbred dog's pooping and peeing all over my yard isn't too pleasant either. Of course, it upsets my dogs, but since the inbred has the right last name, he's allowed to do whatever he wants.

He's even now disrupting the peace and quiet of the town with his revving of his several snowmobiles. (Wow, they're loud). When we first moved here, a friend of my son's came over driving his snowmobile. Within 20 minutes of his arrival, the sheriff came by and told him it's illegal to drive the snowmobile in town. Of course, my son's friend didn't have an inbred last name, so he got in trouble. The inbreeds here can do no wrong.

At any rate, trash strewn all over my porch and yard didn't start the day off on a bright note, but life is what it is. Then the puppy wanted to constantly go outside (probably trying to eat the various crumbs of the trash I couldn't pick up because it was pretty much frozen into the ground by the time I discovered it). Then she barked incessantly. (Now she's barking at the snowmobile. Although now it looks like one of his snowmobiles isn't working, cuz he's being towed by a truck. * giggle* )

Then I had to do a writing job I don't particularly care to do. Now usually when I receive these types of writing jobs, I procrastinate. I dunno...I guess I hope the end of the world will come about so I don't have to do them - lol! But procrastinating only draws out my misery. There have been days that I resist doing certain writing assignments because I have to pretend I like something and give it glowing reviews. (Ugh, I hate doing that)! So, since I put it off, my "misery" lasts a whole heck of a lot longer than if I would quickly do the job.

Yesterday, I decided to be grateful for the job and went right to work. I psyched myself up when I woke up. Usually I get out of bed and think "Ugh, my whole day is ruined cuz I have to do that icky stuff." But I put a more positive spin on it. "Today, I'm grateful for this work. I'll be getting half a week's pay for just three or four hours of work." And voila! I wrote the thing up and finished pretty quickly. The words just flowed, which was great! Plus, I didn't have it hanging over my head, permeating my day. Yay!

Tessa the puppy still is an annoyance, but it's a self contained annoyance. I just looked outside because both my dogs are now barking, and...ee gads...the rottweilers are multiplying. There's now two of them in the street. Ugh!

Anyhoo, Tessa being annoying didn't affect the rest of my day. Before, I would have let it. That, and living in this icky town. When a couple of my friends visited me (on separate occasions), they each said the town reminded them of the movies Deliverance and Children of the Corn - lol! I hadn't seen either movie at that point, but I got their drift. I did see the former, and yep, I can see that comparison - lol!

So yeah, I could've done my usual drift into self pity and woe is me, "I must've died and gone to hell" routine, but I didn't. I still dislike intensely living amongst these terrible people, but I have a wonderful house that's paid for and a wonderful view out my back window. (As to how terrible the people are in this town, if you disagree with them, they'll deliberately run your kittens down in front of your eyes and kill them all. Or call child protective services on you. Yep, that happened. Not to me, but to a friend of mine. Just the usual harassment they do around here against the non-inbreds).

Am I still chipper and full of contentment despite a couple issues being brought up yesterday? Yes, I still am. I had plenty of happy moments throughout the day, all over a steadily building foundation of contentment. Whew...hope I pass the next tests!

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