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Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Items Added to My Giveaway

Yay! I hit my 40th follower yesterday! Here are a few items I'm adding to the candles and rag quilt bag.

These are little heart ornies you can put up in your home all year round. You can also hang them on some twine and make a garland. They're made with the rag edges you see in rag quilts. Yes, I admit to being on a "rag" (hmmm...that sounds kinda weird - lol) mood lately. It's mainly due to having access to a washer and dryer. I think my friends will be coming home soon, so there goes that access. Thus, I gotta "rag" while I can!

I'd throw in to the giveaway the little quilted table topper that the hearts are sitting on, but oh my stars and bars! You would NOT want it. Ugh, I followed some sure fire tip from an expert seamstress in how to make edges on quilts. Uh...NOOOOOOOOOO! I've never had such a horrid looking edge in my life. So it's back to the rather difficult (and hand sewn) way I used to do them. Maybe one day I'll learn a simpler way on the machine.

Anyhoo, if I get ten more followers before Feb. 13th, I'll be adding another goody!

Oh, and here's a recipe I tried today, and it is YUMMMMMYYYY!!!!! No Bake Chocolate Oat Bars. Very easy and very delish!


  1. How sweet of you!!!!

    I'm thinking you were Debbie's SWAP partner??? Some of your goodies look much like ones she posted about!!!

  2. Congratulations on reaching 41 followers!


  3. Flutter - Yep, I was Debbie's swap partner. :)

  4. Your at 42 followers now just you wait soon enough you will hit 100 with your sweet Blog

  5. Wow! You are moving right along. I love hearts and these are really nice.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments! I really appreciate them. :)

  7. Hey, you're up to 47 followers, woo-hoo! Love the rag hearts, they are too cute! And that recipe looks deadly delicious, I'll have to ski another 20 km if I make and eat them! Deb P.S. So sorry you're getting SPAM; I am getting tons of it at my Toletown blog for some reason as well. They have a widget at Wordpress called Akismet that works wonders to weed out the SPAM - http://akismet.com - check it out to see if it will work with Blogger as well?