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Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy, Busy, and Oh My Goodness! I Have Over 60 Followers!

I have been busy, busy, busy the past couple days. I received a big writing job over the weekend(15 pages single spaced), but I finished it up this afternoon. Only took a few hours, which was really cool, since I made my weekly income goal. If more writing work comes in, all the better!!

Worked a lot on my other blogs this weekend: Sunburnt Cow, Handmade Teddy Bears and Raggedies, and Craft Supplies Sales and Resources. Busy, busy, busy looking around for content and trying to make at least two posts a day on each one, especially the selling blogs. I'll be starting more selling blogs soon because I like challenging myself and helping people get their products noticed. If I can help in any way to drive more traffic to their shops, all the better!

And oh, I have over 60 followers! Whoot! As promised for every increments of 10 followers I get, I'll add another goody to the giveaway.

A bar of prim soap in the winner's choice of fragrances and colors that I have.

I'll also be having another giveaway within a week after this one ends because I'm having so much fun meeting all of you! The waiting time won't be as long - maybe a couple weeks. Ideally, I'd like it to be an Easter theme, so I want to get the winner her goodies well before Easter!

Well, we had some nice weather for awhile - up in the 30s and over 40 one day last week. Now we're down to 50 below zero tonight with the wind chill. I don't believe it got up over zero today - without the wind chill. Had a big ol' snow drift we had to wade through this morning to get to the dogs' bathroom area. Wasn't expecting that, although I knew we had snow overnight.

So, will Hawaii Five-O or won't Hawaii Five-O have a new episode on tonight? It's getting really ridiculous with their constant repeats. As much as I love looking at Alex O'Loughlin, I won't sit through watching an episode they just aired a couple weeks ago. Grrrrrrr. I do like the show for sentimental reasons and started watching the reboot because of that. I remember when it first aired. I lived in Hawaii at the time as a wee little girl. We'd run in to the cast members all the time in the store. Even spent the night at Al Harrington's house with my mom and his family. I vividly remember watching through the chain link fence a scene being shot in the intersection in front of my daycare. That was really cool; I remember Jack Lord was there. In his off time, we'd always see him running around with a Panama hat on. I miss Hawaii sometimes.

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