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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Snowing and My Goofball

I've been busy the last few days tending to my various blogs and compiling some Q and A's for an article I'm doing, as well as writing up some blog posts for featured artisans over at the Sunburnt Cow. I don't like doing the usual Q and A, cuz that can be boring when you see the same questions over and over again. Thankfully, one of the participants said it was nice to be asked questions that were different from the norm. (And being an Aquarian, I am different from the norm - lol).

Oh, speaking of which, my son and I had wonderful birthdays. This year was certainly better than last year's b-day for me. Last year for my b-day, I spent all day crying. Just one of those "Ick, what a waste my life has been" moments. But since discovering an attitude of gratitude, which is still with me, I'm a lot more content. Sure, this confounded computer still takes a long time to load a page (upwards of ten minutes if I want to click the follow a blog option), which makes my work go soooo much slower. But hey, at least I have a computer! Anyway, last year's b-day was one of the worst, especially since the only people (aside from my son) who wished me a happy b-day on the actual day were my ex-fiance (the lawyer) and an ex-boyfriend who turned out to be a cad.

This year, I was happy, and while we couldn't really do anything special like going out (lack of car and lack of civilization), it was still fun. I did get to do something special and immerse myself in about eleven hours of the last season of "24." Another tear jerker, as they always are. I didn't even do any work, so that was a plus.

Lately, the weather here - up until today - has been very pleasant, with highs in the upper 30s and lower 40s. About a foot of snow melted, which was nice, though it does make things slippery. Last weekend, we had 72 mph gusts of wind, and today we're getting pretty windy, too, though not as bad as last weekend. We're also getting a few inches of snow. Probably an inch has fallen in the past hour. Temps with wind chill are below zero again. This inclement weather is supposed to last only for a couple days, then we'll get back up to the 30s. Yay!

A client of mine wondered if I might like to ghost write a book with her. I initially said yes, but I'll have to see. I've been a ghost writer for others, without any credit, which is kinda sorta what I don't want to do any more. If I can have some credit, using a nom de plume, that'd be much better. I used to blog for a couple guys who were regular fixtures on CNN financial news. They loved my work, but since I'm a total ditz whenever you start mentioning numbers, I had to quit that project. I couldn't figure out if I was re-writing their interviews in a coherent fashion since anything to do with financial stuff in incoherent to me! Then I wrote for one of those overnight millionaires about positive thinking, but you can only repeat certain mantras over and over without it becoming boring or me feeling like I wasn't adding anything more. I tend to want to write succinctly, and I kept thinking: "Okay, I just wrote about this last week. Why do I have to keep writing about the same stuff over and over again?" That's why I'm so excited about my various blog projects because it's always something new and different! Anyhoo, I guess I just have to see what the project is all about that my client/friend is asking me to do.

Well, I have the package already to send off to the giveaway winner. It's too slippery to walk to the post office today and tomorrow, so hopefully by Monday the roads will be in better shape. I'll be able to send Deb's package off then, too.

Here's a few pictures to tickle your funny bone. I wonder if you can tell what it is from the very first picture.

It's Tessa having one of her many "zen moments." She usually gets right up when she hears me getting up, but in this instance, she was really zoning out, and I was finally able to take some pictures of her. I was so surprised that she let me.

Got any funny captions for the above photos? I'd love to hear them!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. You know, you are a pretty amazing person. I'm glad to have met you and thoroughly enjoy your "musings". Thanks for sharing this with us! Vicki

  2. Well thank you, Vicki! Anyone who can create such beautiful teddy bears like you do is pretty amazing in my book!

  3. I've got nothing! just lots of belly laughs! silly pup!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. Jennifer -

    Yes, belly laughs here, too. She regularly cracks me up throughout the day. I've never had such a funny pet.

  5. Hi Tracy,
    I missed your birthday....HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY WISHES! Glad you are in a better spot than last year. Such funny pics of Tessa...silly girl! Hope you are keeping warm. We had a bit of snow this morning for 2 hours with some sticking, but now it is all gone which is fine with me. :o)
    fondly, Lori

  6. Thank you, Lori. :) We're trying to keep warm, but right now the electricity is flickering off and on since we're having a blizzard right now.

    Snow where you're at!?! You guys don't get much snow, do you?

  7. Those pics are great. I love it when I can catch my beasts doind doggie yoga. I can't decide if I'm jealous at how relaxed they are or how limber they are. :-)

  8. Oh my gosh I thought my pup could turn herself into a pretzel, Tessa has her beat hands down! It looks like she's got her top half stuck INTO the sofa in the first pictures, hilarious! She brings new meaning to the word relaxed! So glad you had a better birthday this year Tracy and I hope that each one yet to come is even better yet. Stay warm, it's actually pretty darn nice up here for February, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop! Deb

  9. Kat - I wish I could be as limber as Tessa!

    Deb - For some reason, Tessa just loves wedging herself between the cushions. Most of the time, she wants to somersault, which is really funny, though I'm always afraid she'll hurt herself. Thankfully, she has a strong neck.