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Friday, February 4, 2011


Three deer came up to our yard to munch yesterday. A couple years ago, we had around 20 deer in our yard at one time. That was sooo cool. Didn't see any in our yard last year, so I was happy to see them yesterday. Unfortunately, we have all those little deer "berries" they like to leave behind.

The deer looked up when my son lifted Tessa up to the window and she started to bark at them.


  1. Oh lovely pictures Tracy, I love deer! We get lots here as well and they are quite brazen, the dogs bark like crazy at them through the windows and they just look and keep on munching the wild rose bushes! Nuff said about the deer "berries", I hear ya! Deb

  2. Love it. Since I moved to the City I don't get to see Deer, or any wild Animal much anymore

  3. I love your pictures! Makes me kinda homesick, in a way. Hugs to you.