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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Swap Goodies

My son braved the below zero temps to go to the post office for me today. I had planned on going with him, but I have the stomach flu or something. Still feeling pukey, but at least I received some lovely goodies in the mail today to perk me up from the Valentine Swap over at Prim Pals.


  1. Hope you get feeling better soon Tracy! What cute Valentine goodies.

  2. That is awesome!!!! Feel better soon...
    Hugs and some chicken broth....Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  3. Sweeet! Hope you're feeling better soon Tracy, stay warm and I'll send you down some chicken soup! Deb

  4. I just love all the ornies I keep seeing from that swap...awesome!

  5. Hi Tracy, Hope you are feeling better today.....yuck! I was thinking of you when I heard about the past couple of day's worth of storms. I can't imagine it! I am in California and most of us are babies when it comes to extremes. :o)
    Take care, Lori

  6. Thanks for your well wishes. I'm feeling much better now. Must've been a 24 hour flu bug.