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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Only One More Day Left on the Giveaway

There's only one more day left on my very first giveaway. The time has definitely flown by. I'll be having another one shortly because I've enjoyed this so much

I wanted to share with you why I made those fabric flowers. I'm taking a series of great art classes over at Roses on My Table. The latest project is a heart make-do. Oh my, all the pretty hearts that Zinnia and the other artisans have made! Mine felt kind of plain, but I was coming at it from the homespun kind of way. Plus, I didn't have all the embellishments and such to use with the make-do. I was kind of hesitant in showing off my make-do hearts because of the huge amount of talent over there, but as big as their talent is, they're as big on encouragement. I'd say they're the most supportive online group I've ever encountered.

I also included a couple of the small ornies I got from my recent Valentine swap. One of them (the polka dotted one) will be a pin keep; the other one holds some jewelry I have. I don't much wear jewelry nowadays, so I might as well display some of it, even a little pin my son made me when he was very young. I couldn't put too much of my jewelry on the heart since it was going to fall over - lol! The other one is just kinda homespun, which is actually my favorite.

I didn't have any candlesticks, so I textured and painted some tin cans. Then I mod podged the inside and stuck a bunch of fabric scraps in there. Mod podged a stick and stuck it in there. And voila - a make-do in every sense of the word. :)

The hearts are even fabric scrap stuffed. I'm not entirely through with them as I want to print off a "Love Grows" sentiment, since it's in keeping with the "blooming" hearts in their little pots. (The top layer of the fabric scraps is green, so it symbolizes a heart "plant" growing).


  1. I think they are great! I've been trying my hand at making hearts and it is not easy!
    Love the jewelry idea!

  2. Thank you, Linda. They're really fun to do!

  3. I agree Linda...they are not always easy to do!!!!