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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do You Have Any Vintage Signs?

If you have any vintage signs, here's a link party for you. Hopefully you'll do the favor to me, and hook up to my link parties as well. (See post below for this blog's link party and on Wednesdays, over at the Sunburnt Cow).

At any rate, the above vintage sign link party is hosted on a site that has a lot of traffic, so it would behoove you - if you want new people discovering your blog (you may not) - to link up.

How link parties have worked for me at my All Thumbs Crafts: since mid-February (just a few weeks ago), I now have 89 followers, 1800 unique hits just this week alone, over 5800 page views (now averaging 300 or more page views a day), and 200 comments. Not many blogs who are just a few weeks old get that much traffic - unless they hook up to link parties.

1 comment:

  1. I dont' have any vintage signs but I'd love to take a peeksie at everybody's else's signs...lol!

    Deanna :D