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Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Features

I'm really happy about all the features I've received for my woodless burlap frames over at All Thumbs Crafts.

My faux stained glass was in the top ten links over at All Things Domestic link party.

Just put up an artsy fartsy piece, too - cardboard wall art. I really had a lot of fun doing it.

Terry from Cherished Treasures saw my tutorial on ragged fabric flowers and incorporated it onto a hang tag. It turned out beautifully! She emailed and said she's using the flowers in a new banner she's putting up soon. I'm so glad that a tutorial I made inspired someone to try it and put their own spin on it!

We didn't get too hard hit with the blizzard that blew through here a couple days ago. Probably got about eight inches of snow. It's hard to tell since everything drifts so much here due to the high winds. Let's hope most of it will melt within the next few days.

Just eight more days until the firstUdderly Amazing New Shop contest over at the Sunburnt Cow. Everyone who enters will also get some publicity in that I'd love for everyone who participates to send me a little bio so I can do a blog post about each of them!

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