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Friday, March 11, 2011

Freaky Friday

Well, today started out dripping wet. We were above freezing and it was raining a bit. Then it started to turn to sleet, and now we're in a full blown blizzard. My shoveled out sidewalk is no more, as probably four to five feet of snow has drifted across it.

But at least this side of the earth isn't having the weather/earth problems as Japan is. This is a very sad day, and my heart goes out to them and wow...all those continuing aftershocks that are quite large in an of themselves.

On a brighter note, I did get a wonderful goodie in the mail. I won one of Rusty Thimble's wonderful giveaways.

Oh my gosh, they're so much cuter in person. The camera doesn't do Brenda's talent justice!

In other news, I'll be starting up a regular monthly contest over at the Sunburnt Cow for new online artisans. Please check out the post, and if you'd like to be a judge, please email me. Also, if you want to be one of the contestants, stay tuned to the Sunburnt Cow blog.

Additionally on the Sunburnt Cow, I'll be starting up link parties, which will occur every Wednesday. In this link party, you'll be able to link up blog posts mentioning items you have for sale. This is unlike most link parties in which you can't hook up anything for sale.

Over on my All Thumbs Crafts blog, I posted a tutorial on how to make burlap frames without the use of wood. As many of you might notice, these "frames" are also in my giveaway.


  1. Awww...and here I bet you thought spring was right around the corner, now didn't ya? We got 4" of rain yesterday and thankfully it was warm here too...can't imagine how much snow that would translate into. Hope you get dug out again soon.


  2. Don't you find it amazing how 2-3 inches of snowfall can turn into a four foot drift.

  3. well I am going to first off tell you thank you Tracy for posting about the rabbit tucks and I am so glad you like them.
    And we have had such lovely spring type weather is it awesome. I am hearing lots say they still have snow!! And next I am glad I came by I want to be a judge and keep forgetting to let you know. There is just not enough time in the day

  4. wow, what a cute bunnies giveaways, congrats to you! I also entered the PAFA giveaway, i just favorited your etsy shop and become your newest follower :)