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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesdays!

Last week, I mentioned the ten things I miss most about LOST. This week it's Ten Things that Annoyed Me Most About Lost.

1. Kate Austin
2. Jack and his crying all the time - no matter what the occasion. I liked him most of the first season though. (Sorry, Kim!!) :)

3. Killing off Boone. I felt he could've developed into quite a character. He was becoming the "apprentice" of Locke, and with the rising tension between Jack and Locke, it would've made for some interesting dynamics (i.e., Boone inserting himself into the tension and sticking up for Locke).

4. Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff. I think they started believing their own press too much. I also didn't care for Cuse's disparaging remarks about certain fans. I remember him on a video making fun of a woman because of her size.

5. That fugitive named Kate.

6. Juliette's smirk. I do like Elizabeth Mitchell as an actress but she smirks too much. Her trademark smirk also makes quite a prominent appearance on V now.

7. The casting of Jacob. Huh? Seriously!?! Soooo wrong in every way.

8. Some unanswered key plot questions like why couldn't the women carry babies to full term on the island?

9. Half the last season they could've done without and instead answered all the key plot questions. I mean really...Dogan and his John Lennon sidekick? Why waste hours on that?

10. That Austin chick.

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  1. Too funny!! Loved this post, and I agree that Kate was super annoying, ha! Now Jack, on the other hand, was awesome!! :-) I loved Jack, even when he was being a baby, lol. We'll have to agree to disagree on that one. Thanks so much for linking up today!

  2. How about Kate having the whitest shirts I have ever seen and she lived stranded on an island. Grunge them up a bit.

  3. Kim - People either loved or hated Jack, but I can see why people did like him. :)

    Kathy - LOL about the white shirt. I know...what was up with that!?! They should have at least tea stained them a little.

  4. LOL! I forgot to tell you in my email I was a LOST fan too. Loved Sawyer....gotta love a bad boy! LOL!


  5. Yeah, I really loved Sawyer, too. He was always so funny, yet so sweet, too...underneath it all. And...sob...what a sad scene when Juliette died. Boo hoo, sob, sob.

  6. This is fun to read. I'm currently reliving the adventure on the DVD set my husband gave me for my birthday last July. Oh, I could write on this...... I LOVE Kate.... sorry. I even named a teddy bear Kate... We could go on, couldn't we..Vicki

  7. Aw, Vicki, how could you like Kate!?! I'm just kidding. :) She was kind of like Jack - you either loved or hated her.

    I want to re-watch LOST all again soon. In the middle of re-watching 24 right now...in fact, right this minute, so I better get back to it! (I always do something else when Kim Bauer is on cuz she annoys me).