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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Perfectly Prim Link Party #5

Hello, and welcome to another Prairie Patch Perfectly Prim Link Party!

Please remember the link parties here are for prim or old fashioned items only, or those made to look that way. They can be something you made or not.

Additionally, due to getting very busy in marketing several blogs, I won't have time to email you if you didn't follow the guidelines. It may sound mean, but I'll delete your entry. This is to ensure fairness to those who are following the instructions. Please try again, but re-read the directions.

If you don't know how to post the url to your specific blog post, go to that specific blog post and click on the title. You'll note that as you're doing so, the url (i.e., website address) will change in the address bar - making it longer because it's added the title and/or date. This is what you'll be linking up, NOT your blog address/url.

If you want to feature items you have for sale, then head on over to the Sunburnt Cow, where the link party starts on Wednesdays through Sundays, and you can link up blog posts revolving around items you have for sale. :)

The Perfectly Prim Link Party goes from Sunday mornings until Wednesday.

1. Go to the post on your blog that you want to link up.
2. Click on the title, and that will give you the url address to that particular post up in the website address bar.
3. Copy that.
4. Click on the "Add your link" button that's on this link party. Up will pop three boxes, one for adding your url to that particular blog post, (which I just explained how to find it and copy it), what you want the title of the entry to be, and your email address. Paste your post url in the box, then type in the name of your link party item(s) and your email addy.
5. Click on "next step," which will bring you to another page that pulls up all the photos associated with that blog post. Select the one you want to represent the thumbnail in this link party, and there you have it!

Prairie Patch
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