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Monday, March 21, 2011

New Computer!

Woot, just got the new computer today. OMG, it's so wonderful! I forgot what it was like to be on a real computer!! So fast...so ZIPPY!! This is so awesome!! And the screen. Whoa...I have MARGINS! Now I see what the edges of my blog. Wow, so cool.

Wheeeeeeeeeeee....now I can do things literally 10 times faster - at least. No more taking 10 minutes just to "follow" someone on a blog or to comment. Wowzers, I'm so excited now.

My son set it up for me. I had to go take a shower, cuz I knew I'd be hovering around making him nervous. But zip...it set right up. Yay!

Now I can do 10 times the marketing - lol! This is so awesome. (Can ya tell I'm excited!?!) Oh, I forgot what it was like to be on a laptop and a computer that actually went zippy fast! Wow...no freezing when I'm typing this blog post either. I'm sooooo impressed!

Anyway, link parties, baby! Seriously, that's my top marketing tip. Just look over at my All Thumbs Crafts blog. I set up this cute little counter thingie that lets you know how many unique hits you get. (Unique hits are new people discovering your blog). I put it up on March 19th, and I have 486 unique hits. Now obviously those are from people who were checking out the blog before I put the counter up, but many of them are consistently new people. All due to link parties, baby! And page views? Over 3870, and that's one of my newest blogs. Don't know why the lack of "linky love" on my parties. Hopefully y'all will start realizing how important these lil free advertising show cases are.

Edited to add: Oh my gosh, even captcha is fun! (I think that's what they call the little word verifications after you fill in a comment). Whoot...not dreaded anymore, wondering if it's going to freeze up my computer for seven minutes!!

Another edit: In just an hour or so of writing this, I've rec'd 60 or so more page views on the All Thumbs Blog. Also, the Sunburnt Cow, which is older than the All Thumbs, has 1,000 LESS page views. That's the power of link parties!


  1. Tracy,

    Now don't be speeding through the internet too fast...you'll be getting tickets! LOL! Yep, zippy, peppy computers make things so much better!

    Link parties are kinda interesting. I know I had issues when I tried to load my pictures from my blog, so picked my computer after the first 3 failed attempts and it linked right up. Maybe that's part of the problem...glitches and people don't try again?

    Have fun with the new computer.


  2. Have fun with your new computer!!! I got mine a year ago and love how much more I can get done!!!

  3. Oh, you guys....I'm indeed having so much fun!! And I don't even need my glasses to look at the screen. Woot!