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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blizzard Time

We're in the start of a two or three day blizzard. I kind of like blizzards, just as long as the electricity stays on! Wind chills will be getting to about 40 below.

Our water went out today, thanks to the mayor of this town firing a state certified water/sewer specialist in favor of her grandson. He doesn't take care of the water and sewer system like he should. When I walked to the post office today, I went by the water tower and saw that no one had been there to do the daily checks. There were no new footprints - in fact, none at all - in the snow, and we've had the current cover of snow for a few days now. Tsk, tsk. At least the water was thawed out within a few hours.

Been busy crafting. I've decided to open my Etsy store on Friday. I can't wait, although I'm a little nervous, of course. There are so many awesome artisans on Etsy, but at least I'm having fun making things. Did a couple experiments that didn't turn out so great today...bah!

Went to the post office today to get a couple different size boxes so I know what to charge for postage. Also sent out some gifts I made for a Christmas exchange through a forum I follow. Sent a couple bars of soap (the cranberry-orange bar and a primitive snowman soap I made yesterday. Forgot to take a picture, but I'm making more)! Also sent one of those shabby chic jeans pillows I made a few days ago. Ee gads, postage costs a lot. My exchange buddy lives in Canada, and it cost $14 more to send it to her than if she were in the U.S. When did postage get to be so high!?! The cost of gas isn't that high, is it? I guess not having a car is keeping me kinda clueless - lol!

While I was at the post office, I stopped by the second hand store and picked up a few things. There was a nice queen size sheet set in a light sage green that I bought. I can use all of it for backing for a lot of quilting projects. In fact, I'm working on one right now that I wasn't sure what I would use for the backing. Now I do!

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving! (Well, those in the U.S. Those not in the U.S. can have a lovely Thursday! *grin*)

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  1. Stay warm! We're having a cold snap here in B.C. as well, it's currently -25C (about -13F) without any windchill, the house is cracking and creaking it's so cold! Supposed to warm up on Thursday and then we are to get a lot of snow so we will be shoveling out as well. I feel your pain about the postage; it's absolutely outrageous isn't it? Good luck with your Etsy shop, what's your name on Etsy so I can check you out and "heart" you? Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Deb