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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Light Dusting of Snow

Yee haw! We got just a light dusting of snow instead of the five to six inches that were predicted. We are, however, supposed to get about an inch or two overnight.

The shoulder is doing better right this minute, though earlier today it was pretty bad. That's my fault because I wasn't taking it easy like I should have. I was a bad girl and made some soap and waxy, scented rag balls and used my arm too much. (At least the house smells divine!)

I also cooked a turkey and needed to take the meat off the bones, and I had no idea how I was going to do that. Fortunately, I have a great son, and he offered to do it all. Of course, being the independent sort that I am, I still managed to do some of it - hehe! He just rolled his eyes. He knows how I am.

I did spend the evening watching old episodes of Stargate Atlantis (yep, I'm a sci-fi fan) with castor oil and a heating pad on my shoulder. I heard that helps with scar tissue, especially if you do it regularly. I haven't done it regularly in awhile, so I'm starting that regimen back up again. It does help. That, arnica gel, and/or Japanese mint oil. I prefer alternative medicine anytime.

Hopefully my shoulder will be feeling much better tomorrow and I can cut up the turkey. I might have my son do that, though, since using scissors always makes my shoulder feel bad, even when it's not hurting. Then I'll make the dogs' and cats' food. I make them homemade as much as I can. I've heard the horror stories of what's really in pet food from someone who's been in those rendering plants. Then, with the Gulf oil spill situation, I figure that the seafood from there would probably be put into the pet food, since the health standards are a lot lower for animal food. It's a time consuming commitment to have to make dog food every other day and cat food every few days, but it's worth it. One of my cats, who always had bladder and kidney stones, no longer has them now due to homemade food, so it definitely works for her! And my sweet dogs are very happy and healthy on my homemade food.

Got a couple writing assignments today and completed one. Will do the other two tomorrow. One is just a one-off, but perhaps when she needs more work in the future, she'll contact me. So today was ad writing day, and tomorrow will be as well. Fortunately, this type of work is easy for me to do, so I didn't have to spend too much time on it, and I could get back to resting the shoulder...when I wasn't in the kitchen stirring soy wax and soap (blush).


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog and participating in my giveaway. I'm now YOUR newest follower! Sorry to hear about the shoulder. Don't know all of the details but I can empathize as I pulled mine out last year and now might have to have surgery. Didn't realize how much I used the thing but it is, after all, attached to those hands and fingers!!! Get better soon!

  2. Thanks for your well wishes. I'm feeling better today. Yeah, it is amazing how much we use our shoulder, even when we don't think we are. When I was having my acute phase a couple years ago, it even hurt to breathe. But when you think about it, you move your shoulder slightly when your chest expands when you breathe.

    Anyway, I hope your shoulder gets better and that you won't have to have surgery. Thanks for stopping by, Vicky!

  3. It usually doesn't snow here until February, so it's strange to think of it falling already. I hope your shoulder feels better! And thanks for entering my giveaway and adding its button to your blog. :D

  4. My pleasure, Aquariann! Thanks for stopping by.