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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Snow on the Way

Looks like winter is going to finally arrive. We're due for another snow storm with perhaps five or six inches of the white stuff in the next 24 hours. Thereafter, it doesn't look like we'll be getting much above freezing. Amazingly, we were close to 80 degrees on Sunday! At least we had a nice reprieve after the blizzard.

Got to go to the "big city" (i.e., Minot) on Sunday with a friend. He thought daylight savings time started early Monday morning, so he came to pick me up about an hour early. Ugh! I'm not a morning person and having to get ready by 8 am was tough enough. Luckily I got up before the alarm clock pierced my sleep and made me even more cranky - lol. I'm sooooo not a morning person. I prefer to stay up late and sleep late. Always have.

Anyhoo, due to the blue laws here in ND, nothing was open until noon. We got to Minot at about 9:30. Luckily there was a restaurant we could eat breakfast at, but we pretty much had to twiddle our thumbs until noon. This made for an even longer day than I thought it would be. I hate going to the city cuz it's guaranteed at least 3.5 hours total travel time. Blech.

Another friend took me grocery shopping today since he had to go as well. I wasn't able to get my "refrigeratables" in Minot cuz I wasn't sure how much more shopping my friend had to do, and he decided to go to the grocery store before his other errands. So, yay! I got to get all my cold stuff today. I don't think I can fit another thing in my frig or freezer if I tried. At least I'll be stocked up for another couple weeks.

Haven't been able to do much crafting as I hurt my shoulder on Sunday going to the big city. (Lifting too much always hurts my shoulder). I lost the use of my right arm in the summer of 2007 due to adhesive capsulitis/frozen shoulder following a muscle or tendon tear. The doctor I went to literally ripped them off by forcing my shoulder to move. Apparently, breaking up the adhesions is usually done in surgery, so you can imagine the pain. I thought I was going to faint. Anyhoo, I think because of that, it's never healed properly. The longest this was supposed to go on was 1.5 years, and here it's over 3 years later. When I lived in NY, massage therapy helped tremendously. Reiki does as well, which I keep forgetting to do on myself. I guess I better start in again.

So I've been taking it easy on my arm, and I'm surprised I can now type, although I best stopped cuz it's starting to hurt again. Had to even sign a check today with my left hand. Don't think I could sew with my left hand though! Hopefully I can start quilting and writing more in my blog soon.


  1. So sorry you are hurting, hope your shoulder is feeling better soon. Yikes, I can't even imagine how much having the adhesions in your shoulder released that way must of hurt, I'm surprised that you didn't pass out (or at least throw up all over the doctor's shoes which would have served him right!) Glad you got stocked up before the snow hits; we had a few flakes here last night but nothing's sticking on the ground quite yet. Won't be far off though as the hills are getting whiter. Take care of yourself and hope you are back to sewing soon. Deb

  2. LOL! Yes, I'm also surprised I didn't throw up all over his shoes! Every time he ripped them (which was probably 5 times, followed by ultrasound), I had to lay down because I was going to faint.

    At any rate, thanks for your well wishes, Deb!