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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cotton Candy Sunsets and Yummy Smells

I never appreciated sunsets and sunrises until I moved to ND. Perhaps it was the sheer beauty of ND sunrises and sunsets that made me finally take notice. When I briefly lived in NY a couple years ago, I didn't see any sunrises or sunsets because there are so many trees that you can't see the horizon. Here, it's relatively flat, so at least there's one advantage to flatness. (I have to admit, I'd prefer to live in hilly country - like West Virginia).

This evening, as I was heading out to take down my laundry from the line, I had to stop and just behold another beautiful sunset. Cotton candy blue was on the horizon, which looked very beautiful against the pastel yellow of the wheat field. Then there was a thin band of darker blue which then gave way to cotton candy pink. Above that were thin bands of various shades of lavender. It was all topped off by an off white that filled the rest of the sky - kinda like one of those snow globe worlds. Beautiful. What makes it even more beautiful is when the sunset is reflected in the stream we have out back. Simply breathtaking at times.

I suppose if sunsets had a fragrance, it'd be a cotton candy fragrance - at least this one tonight would.

Speaking of fragrance, my house is smelling like pumpkin pie and chocolate brownie because of the soap I made. I can't wait to use it, although it does need some tweaking. I'm going to take some pictures tomorrow of various things I've made over the past week and will include the soap.

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  1. Beautiful description of your lovely sunset, there's nothing like a prairie sunset that is for sure. Sounds like your house smells wonderful as well, off to take a look at your pictures! Deb