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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shoulder is Back to Normal

Yay! Not that the shoulder is pain free, but at least it's back to normal! It finally started feeling better over the weekend, so I got back to making things.

Made some soap. Experimented around with adding chocolate and oatmeal to a chocolate brownie fragrance soap. I'm not entirely pleased with results, so the bars are all mine - muhahaha! Love the scent! They're now "imprisoned" in a glass jar. Just threw them in there cuz I didn't have time to wrap them.

Also did a cranberry and orange soap. Ohhhhh, I LOVE both scents, and they're soooo good together. I have two cranberry scents; the spiced one was a NOOOOO, but luckily my other cranberry scent went wonderfully with my orange chili scent. This is definitely a keeper, though I'm not sure I'll add the powdered organic orange peel next time. I figure it'd add a light exfoliation, but once the orange powder hit the soap, it turned slightly brownish.

Here's a picture of my "fixens" that I blogged about a few days ago. Can ya tell which ones I burnt - lol! But I actually like the burnt ones best. I sealed them twice in Oatmeal Raisin Cookie fragranced wax.

Got some clothespins in the mail yesterday. I love the bowl fillers with the rags tied around them. Yesterday I spent some time in the kitchen cooking (pet food and beets), I decided to soak some of the clothespins in the beet water after I was through boiling them. They didn't dye all the way through as I had thought, but they look interesting enough.

Speaking of rags, I love crafts implementing them, especially rag balls. I have no idea why I love rag balls so much, but I do. It might have to do with how each one turns out differently, even if you're using the exact same material and same length of strips. I did these while watching TV.

Our town has a little second hand store, and they had a bunch of metal plates and metal trays for sale. They've been there for years, but since I'm now looking at castaways in a different (i.e., crafty) light, I figured these would come in handy. Got them for literally pennies. I was inspired to purchase these after reading a tutorial Ahl Cooped Up did on Old Farmhouse Gathering on how to "rust" things. I figured I could "rust" these little gems. As you can see, though, some of them are already rusting.

I'd like to drill some holes along the top and make a wall hanging of some sort. I'll just have to see if my handy dandy drill actually drills holes, or if it's just a screwdriver type of thingie. (Yeah, can ya tell I'm handy? Haha)!

Anyhoo, there are more metal trays at the second hand store that I'll probably try to pick up tomorrow. I was pretty loaded down when I went to the post office yesterday, and since I have to walk, I couldn't carry too much. (The post office is in the same building as the second hand store). Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the roads won't be slippery to walk on tomorrow. I know we'll be getting colder weather starting tonight - down to the teens and single digits overnight.

So, I've been pretty busy crafting, working in the kitchen, and also doing writing jobs the past few days. It's been a great few days, especially since the shoulder isn't hurting as much. Yay!


  1. Wow, you have been one busy crafter! Glad to hear that your shoulder is starting to improve but be careful you don't overdo it and get it hurting again. Love your soaps, I can imagine how wonderful your house must smell and those little dough ornies ... Oatmeal Raisin cookie scent, mmmmm! Very inventive to put your clothespins into the beet water, now that's recycling! Your rag balls look too cute wound around them as well. Oh my, those trays! I can see a wonderful Christmas scene painted on the round one! The square one looks fab the way it is right now, love the rusting on it. Can't wait to see what you do with them! We had our first snowfall here last night, it's a winter wonderland today. I think that winter is here to stay now, they are forecasting more snow for us in the next few days. Time to get out those Christmas decorations! Deb

  2. Deb, if I had just 1/10th your painting talent, I'd definitely paint on those round trays. That's a really good idea, though. Maybe I can figure something out.

  3. Love your thrift store finds. And I like the beet stained cloths pins!!! I love rag balls too, don't have any of my own, but have always liked them, I may have to start wrapping while watching tv too!!
    You said you had some Northrup's in your family, my Grandpa Northrup came from Elm Creek Nebraska in the early 1900's he lived in Stoneham Colorado most of his adult life. It is a small world!!

  4. Hey, Joleen! I'll have to check on my family tree. I know the Northrups/Northrops originally came from MA or CT in the 1600 or 1700s. I'll have to email you on what I find. My grandmother was a geneologist, so she traced the family tree back quite a ways.