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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I've got pictures!

Here's a pic of the soap. I used a recipe from an epattern that I purchased. Ummm...nope...gotta tweak it because the brown sugar "crust" did not turn out at all the way the recipe directed. In fact, it's quite crumbly. So I'll try again. I think I know how to improve it. I must say, the scents are divine! I used a pumpkin pie spice scent with a chocolate brownie scent. Yum!

Here are a couple photos of the stockings I worked on last week. The one with the buttons is the one where I used the trim of a denim shirt for the cuff. I added a bunch of buttons because I like the look of them, but wow! It sure is time consuming sewing all those buttons on. The other stocking is a big oopsie! I definitely need more trim along the side, and the bunching up is driving me crazy. I tend to back stitch, and I think that's what caused it. Not back stitching made the buttons stocking smoother, though I can still see some bunching up.

Here's a picture of a rag wreath I made, as well as the rag garland.


  1. Mmmmm, your soap looks nummy! Love the layered look. The brown sugar crust looks cool, hope you can figure out a way to keep it from crumbling. Love your stockings! The denim/button one is fab. I have the same problem when I sew corners, I always get bunching and it drives me nuts as well! Love the look of your rag garlands & wreath, do you tie the scraps around some kind of a form or onto a piece of twine or fabric strip? They look great, TFS! Deb

  2. Hi, Deb - Thanks so much for your kind words. For the garland, I tie the scraps around a long strip of scrap fabric. For the wreath, I unbent a wire hangar. Still can't make it totally round. Those wire hangars are pretty strong and just don't want to be made into a different shape - lol!