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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I See Grass!!

Yes, the snow has finally pretty much melted from the blizzard of last week. There are still patches of snow here and there, but at least we're having a reprieve until we get hit with the cold, white stuff, and it sticks around for several months! For the past two days, it was surreal hanging clothes up on the line with snow still on the ground.

I finished making a couple stockings and started on a table runner. Also starting to make a rag garland, though I need to take breaks doing that. I have a bad shoulder and tying all those knots wears it out. I like the look of rag garlands, though, so I'll just take my time.

Have had some writing work the past couple days. My main source of income - someone I freelance write for in Australia - is two months' behind in paying me. She keeps saying payment is coming, but I've been hearing that for several weeks now. Because of that, I'm not working for her until she gets current with what she owes me. Unfortunately, this means my income has dropped about 70% in the past couple months. Somehow I'm keeping afloat, though the next couple weeks might get dicey if things don't start picking up. I believe they will soon.

Got some supplies in the mail today for making soaps and candles! I'm soooo excited. I used to make soaps and candles a couple years ago when I lived in NY. I had a couple shops I sold them at. I really enjoyed it, and it doesn't wear out the shoulder like quilting does. I plan on making some soap tomorrow. I can't wait!


  1. Glad you can see some green! I was worried you were going to be snowed in for the winter after that storm you had. Rag garlands, don't know if I've ever seen one. Do you tie strips of fabric together? Sounds like a good way to get rid of the bits & bobs of fabric we all manage to collect. Grrr, it ticks me off when people don't pay for services rendered and it's not like you can hop on a bus to go confront her for your money since she lives in Australia! Hope she comes clean and pays you what she owes you soon. What type of writing do you do? Have fun soap making tomorrow, that's another craft that completely baffles me! Deb

  2. Deb, I'll take a picture soon of a rag garland I made last month. And yes, it's a great way of getting rid of extra strips of fabric. For the little bits of fabric, I wad them up in a ball and then put a nice long strip of fabric around them and make rag balls. But shhhh...don't tell anyone.