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Friday, November 5, 2010


TGIF. Then again, when you work at home, one day pretty much rolls into the other.

It was a lovely sunny day here on the prairie. It was surprisingly warm, too. I wish I would've known how warm it was going to be because I would've done more laundry! But at least I got a few items out on the line.

The new neighbor has a big rottweiler that he lets run loose to menace the town, and I had a couple encounters with it today. I'm getting a little tired of it, but since he's from one of the "elite" families here, the leash laws (or, dare I say, any laws) don't apply. For some reason, the rottweiler stays away from me when I yell at it or tell it to go away. One day it was chasing/stalking my son, and ever since I came out ready to defend my son and staring it down, it pretty much stays away from me. Unfortunately, it loves attacking other pets in the community, so my son and I always have to be ever watchful and on the defensive when we take our dogs outside to go to the bathroom. Maybe one day I can fence in my entire yard. That would be nice! Even better is to live on a farm somewhere...anywhere from here. Ahhh...dreams.

Well, I tried the pumpkin chocolate brownie soap again, trying to fix the mistake from the recipe. Nope, didn't work. Found another glaring error in the recipe as well. Mind you, this is from an "epattern" recipe I purchased, so I'm none too pleased. Perhaps I should start reviewing epatterns I purchase, but I don't want to be mean. But geez...people purchase these patterns expecting accuracy. Some of the other eppaterns I purchased were disappointing as well. There's often too much vagueness like "use a small amount of wax." Um...define "small." And define "a few drops." Sigh...

At least the epattern I purchased for a makedo looks accurate and not at all vague. I need to get some supplies before I make it.

Tonight was another beautiful sunset on the prairie. Those cotton candy pinks and blues were reflected on the stream out back, so it was really nice. Spent the evening watching Farscape and cutting and rolling a couple dozen rag balls. I don't know why, but I love rag balls. They're so beautiful in their simplicity.


  1. Sorry you are having problems with the neighbourhood bully dog, it drives me insane when people do not take responsibility for their pets. Glad he is leery of coming near you, hopefully that will soon extend to your whole yard. It's frightening when you have kids and your own pets and can't let them outside on their own for fear that they might get attacked. Is there no animal control or ASPCA near you that you can register a complaint with? Regardless of who he is or who he's related to, he needs to take control of his dog before someone or someone's pet is seriously injured. Sorry you are having problems with your purchased soap recipes. Is there a contact email address or website/blog address for whoever wrote the epattern? I make patterns and I know that if there was an error in one of mine that I would want to know about it so maybe drop them a line with your concerns. They might not even realize they made a mistake with the recipe so would appreciate the feedback. Hope your makedo pattern turns out fine! Have a great night rolling ragballs! Deb

  2. Good idea, Deb. I think I'll contact the person and ask them to be more specific.

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