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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Buh Bye, Thanksgiving

Wow, can you believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone already!?! It only seems a couple months ago it was New Year's. Time certainly flies as you get older! And now less than a month til Christmas? How did that happen!!

Anyhoo, we had a nice, low key turkey day, though no turkey. We don't really care for turkey. Friday, I watered the plants at a friends' house. They're gone until the first of the year, and I'm able to use their washer and dryer for my "troubles." Gee, I hope the plants don't die on me! I don't even have good luck with silk plants...let alone LIVE ones! I was able to keep my garden alive this year, so maybe I'm improving in regards to plants.

Set up my etsy shop yesterday: The Prairie Patch I'll be adding much more. I gotta get better at the camera. I think there's a way of making it so it's not so blurry. Gotta read the handy dandy instruction manual to check. Anyway, I have more to add. Almost finished with a quilted table runner.

One of my writing clients, who always pays me ahead of time, just sent me a tidy sum of money. She didn't owe any, so that was a great surprise! She was bowled over and absolutely tickled by the writing project I sent over today, so I guess that put her in a generous mood. Fine by me!

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